ADOPTED!!!11-Week Old Chihuahua-Mix Puppies, Best Friends Joanie and Chachi

Joanie loves Chachi_s1Seeking New President for ATL Chapter of Joanie Loves Chachi Fan Club!

This tiny brother and sister duo are bursting with cute, full of energy, brimming with affection, and looking for their forever Atlanta-area home.  Joanie and Chachi are 11 weeks old (as of May 5, 2013).  They entered SNAP’s care when a local family needed help with their pregnant adult chihuahua because they weren’t equipped to care for the puppies.  In keeping with our mission, SNAP helped them arrange to spay the mother dog, and took these two tiny bundles of love into our adoption program.

Joanie and Chachi have been living with a wonderful foster family, so we know a lot about them.  They are already crate and house trained, a huge help to a busy family who wants to add puppy love into the mix!  They are used to children, and adore the attention: no nasty nips or anxiety around little fingers and faces.  For families who are tight on space, Joanie and Chachi are small dogs, not expected to get much larger thanks in large part to their chihuahua mother.  They are inseparable, and will be adopted as a pair.

Joanie Chachi 1Like all big brothers, Chachi watches out for Joanie!  If Joanie wanders away, Chachi barks at her until she comes back, and makes sure that she is safe.  Joanie relies on her big brother, too, and cries if she is separated from him for too long.  This bonded pair will not only keep each other occupied – a definite advantage when it comes to full of energy puppies! – but add a lifetime of love and companionship to any family or individual.

Joanie Chachi2Joanie is smaller than big brother Chachi; her primary colors are black and white, and her right ear cocks up hier than her left ear when she’s having fun.  At a full gallop, they stream behind her likes she’s about to take off!  She has dark eyes, a black nose, and a white forehead and muzzle.  She has a black eyemask with hints of light golden brown.  Her chest and forelegs are white, and she has a the same pale golden brown markings on her legs and haunches.  Chachi also has large dark eyes, and a black nose, but his coat is more golden brown and black, with less white fur in the mix.  He has a silly white stripe running between his eyes up over his forehead, and his floppy ears are black edged in golden brown. His white snout has tiny freckles on it, and his top coat is mostly black.  His chest, tummy and legs are primarily golden brown.  Both puppies are expressive and full of personality, as you can see from their pictures.  They are big hams for the long as you don’t try to make them sit still!

6Joanie and Chachi will have had their second round of puppy shots, and all their de-worming completed before they are adopted.  They are on heartworm preventative medicine now.  The lucky family that goes home with Joanie and Chachi will be responsible for the final round of puppy shots and the rabies vaccinations.  SNAP will provide a prescription for the heartworm preventative medicine.  The cost to adopt both of these tiny puppies is $300.  They will be neutered, and microchipped.

The puppies are currently seeking a new president for the Joanie Loves Chachi Fan Club and they’d like to speak with you about it!  Drop us a note to arrange a play date, or pre-apply to adopt Joanie and Chachi online.

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