Sometimes, you have to get lost to get found. Meet Alfredo.

Sometimes, you have to get lost to get found.  Or, in the case of Alfredo, to find a new, forever home.

Alfredo is one of SNAP’s rescues from the Strickland colony.  One day, our founder became lost on her way to Animal Control.  As she turned around in front of an old home that had been converted to apartments, she spotted kittens..lots of  kittens.  After a few visits – including springing some little ones from Animal Control – SNAP rescued nine kittens, and TNRed a number of adults.

Alfredo’s come a long way since that day at Strickland!  And last Saturday was a day that every animal lover around the world can celebrate: Alfredo went to his forever home.

SNAP thanks you for your continued support that allows us to help fuzzy friends like Alfredo.

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