Amazing Gracie, Covers-Diver, Adoptable 1 Year Old Atlanta Velveteen Wonder

Gracie2This sleek and petite gray and white cat, a Russian Blue Tux mix, is a 1-year old love of a feline named (amazing) Gracie. Gracie was rescued from an apartment complex off of Buford Highway where she was living outside and foraging for food, having to compete with lots of other (much bigger and much tougher!) homeless animals. When our SNAP volunteer brought Gracie home, her personality emerged instantly.

Gracie is that pretty color of velveteen gray that shimmers in the light; her nose is a silvery gray and her coat is a deeper gray. She has large, still, jade green eyes, and long white whiskers. A smart white
bib that comes from her Tuxedo genes completes her appearance. She is short/medium haired, and her fur is as soft as down. Her toes are a silvery gray too!

Gracie1Gracie follows her foster mother around the house and helps her do household chores and keep an eye on everyone. Gracie’s foster mother has the sense that Gracie, like many rescue animals, actually knows she was rescued and is appreciative and happy. Gracie is also a covers-diver! She actually sleeps under the covers sometimes with her foster mother. Gracie spoons with her favorite human, and purrs her foster mother to sleep; sometimes her foster mother wakes up to find Gracie curled up next to her with her head on her shoulder. What a love.

Gracie functions very well with other cats, so she can join an existing household. She is not aggressive – never a trouble maker – but knows how to take care of herself from her early days on the Atlanta streets. We think that Gracie would also do very well as an only cat, because she relishes your attention so very much. Gracie has not spent any time around dogs while with SNAP.

To win Gracie’s heart, all you have to do is offer her a nice tummy rub and maybe a gentle ear massage. We’d love to introduce you to amazing Gracie, so just drop us a line and we’ll set it up! Like all SNAP animals, Gracie is spayed, up to date on all shots and medical treatments necessary, and microchipped. You can pre-apply to adopt sweet Gracie online.

Isn’t it time to bring some amazing Gracie into your Atlanta home?

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