ADOPTED! ATL Dapper Doggie Burke Seeks Long Walks and Lazy Days in Bed Spooning

Burke the dogWe’re not exactly sure what breed Burke is, but we know that he adores people…and everyone who meets him adores him back!  Burke is slightly over 20 pounds, with deep amber-brown eyes and golden-brown eyebrows reminiscent of a min pin or Doberman.  His foster mother thinks Burke might have some dachshund in him, too, because he likes to burrow under the covers and spoon with her at night. He has other patches of golden brown around his muzzle and toes, too.  As you can see, he’s an alert little thing and watches movements and comings and goings with perked ears.

A nice woman found Burke the Atlanta streets and took him to a friendly veterinarian who agreed to help Burke find a permanent home.  SNAP thinks he’s the cat’s meow… so to speak…so after we made sure he was healthy and neutered, we admitted him to our adoption program to find him the perfect Atlanta home.

Even through Burke’s foster mom is used to cats more than dogs, he’s made quite the impression on her.  He’s already become her faithful companion and follows her from room to room.  He has even made room for herself on her bed and sleeps with her every night – under the covers!  He seems to be house trained because he hasn’t had accidents and barks at the door when he needs to go outside to potty.  Burke recently had a slumber party at a house that has a doggie door, and he used it with no problem!  Burke doesn’t like being crated, though, and barks his objections when he’s left to his own devices in a crate.

We think that Burke is about a year old or so.  He is healthy, update to date on all medical care, and neutered.  He tolerates cats (but we haven’t let him loose to see what would happen unsupervised) and absolutely adores other dogs.  At his slumber party, he was rough housing with two big dogs and having a blast.

You can pre-apply to adopt Burke online, or email us to arrange a playdate, too.  We think the perfect home for Burke is just around the corner!

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