(ADOPTED!) ATL Hypnotized by Wide-Eyed Black Beauty Tater Tot. Available for Private Consultations.


“Look into my eyes…look deep into my eyes….” this tiny kitten seems to be imploring you.  And it’s true: the first thing you notice about Tater Tot, besides his gorgeous fur, is his arresting yellow-green eyes.

Tater Tot got his name because when he was rescued as a tiny kitten, he was the shape of…and not much bigger than…a tater tot!  He’s grown into a black-haired beauty with luminous yellow-green eyes and a sparkly coat that has a silvery undersheen.  Tater Tot lives at the PetSmart permanent adoption center off of Howell Mill and I-75 with his brother, French Fry.

This four-month old will have medium length feather-fine black fur.  He has a luxurious swishy black tail, black nose, and mixed black and white whiskers..and fuzzy ear tufts that he will consent to have rubbed.  Tater Tot is shyer than his brother, French Fry, but we are confident that he will come out of his shell once he’s placed in his forever home.  When he lived with his foster mother, he had learned to walk up her legs and chest leaving a path of kitten biscuits.  His favorite thing to do is curl up in a patch of sunshine, and watch the world go by.  If Tater likes you (and he likes everybody, really, he just takes his time), you’ll be rewarded with his steady purr.

Tater-fb1Now is the perfect time to adopt French Fry and Tater Tot, because they are at the ideal age to bond closely to a human family, and are still young enough to let you enjoy all their kitten innocence and loveliness.  Like all SNAP kittens, they are neutered, up to date on tests and vaccinations, and microchipped.  We are glad to answer any questions you might have and welcome your online adoption applications.

Tater Tot and French Fry live at the Howell Mill adoption center (I-75 & Howell Mill), so stop by and see them! PS:  Tater said to tell you that he’s waiting to meet you.

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