Lab Mix

DOB 6/12/2014

SNAP’s Most Wanted: a furry thief known for playing with her toys, joyriding, and stealing hearts.

Reward: taking home a lifelong friend!

This floral canine’s name is Bella, and her greatest crime is being painfully adorable. Her precious smile and sweet, innocent eyes will force anyone to pet her. She enjoys running and playing, and despite her “crime record” will never chew anything but her squeaky toys. She also happens to be completely housebroken. This 3-4-year-old lab mix adores meeting new people, and gets along perfectly with all kids. She is extremely well behaved, as she can sit, walk on a leash, and will not jump on a person.

Bella will thrive with a human who speaks fluent Dog. She had a sad past as a puppy, so she requires an experienced owner who knows how to care for her. She can be nervous when meeting dogs and cats outside of her pack, but has trained over the past year to become sociable.  She’s a big fan of human visitors, but humbly requests that when friends and family drop by, they please leave their dogs at home because she would like nothing more than to be everyone’s one and only.

Want a furry companion to snuggle up with on the sofa and watch Dogflix all evening?  Well, Bella’s your girl!  She’s a couch potato disguised as a pup.  Like many couch potatoes, she has an introvert streak, so if you can promise her fenced-in backyard where she can run and play without having to make awkward small talk with doggy strangers, she would promise to love you forever.

If you are interested in a sweet, playful dog who loves car rides and cuddling on laps, then please come meet Bella!

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Bella will be great in any type of home including with older children and small dogs. She has no special needs and will make a very special addition to the family.

Like all SNAP pets, Bella is spayed, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and micro-chipped. And ready to meet you at one of our adoption centers or by special appointment.

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First posted April 26, 2018.