ADOPTED! Black & White Long Hair Beauties X 3: Adoptable Kittens, Atlanta

marissa-marshallThese three sleek and silky siblings are named Macho Man, Marshall, and Marissa.  SNAP volunteers pulled them at the last minute from local animal control and diverted them into our adoption program.  All three of them, after being socialized by SNAP, love to be held and combed, and are gentle companions.

The only girl, Marissa is a black and white beauty with a predominantly white face and bib, and black fur on her back.  Her ears glow pink and her pink nose is framed by sweet white whiskers.  She is a regal young girl who sits at attention with her tail carefully wrapped around her like she is posing for paparazzi.  She loves both her brothers, as you can see from the group pictures.  Marissa, like her brothers, is long-haired and will need a home where her human family members like to groom her.



Macho Man is also predominately white, and can be distinguished from his brother Marshall because his markings are white and tabby – not white and black. He has deep watchful green eyes, long white whiskers, and adorable long ear tufts.  He has a tiny pink nose and his favorite thing to do is take long naps with his brother or sister.

Marshall has dramatic black lining around his eyes, and is predominantly white with black markings, too.  His eyes are a lighter green, but his nose is the same sweet rosy pink, and he also has long white whiskers.  He loves his siblings, and is relaxed and welcomes human touch.  Marshall has long fur, too, and will grow into a strikingly handsome cat.

If you’d like to meet Marissa, Macho Man and Marshall, drop us a note or apply to adopt online!  They are anxiously waiting to meet their forever 2013 homes.  Wouldn’t they make a great addition to yours?


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