Atlanta the Gentle Calico

AtlantaNamed in honor of our sprawling, busy and bustling city, Atlanta is a reminder of the harm that can come to animals from people in a hurry – and how they bounce back, resilient and gentle, time after time. Atlanta is a 2 year old calico with golden eyes, a black face mask interspersed with orange fur, and a faint orange mustache. What you can’t see from this picture is that Atlanta has a short, stubby tail, the result of being run over by a car that wasn’t paying attention! She has recovered fine, though, and barely misses the part of her tail that was lost in the incident. Atlanta has long white whiskers, springy white eyebrows, and best of all, a beautify mark on her upper lip in the shape of a comma.

Atlanta may look a little fierce in this picture – this 2 year old calico girl has certainly seen a lot in her short life – but in real life, she’s a softhearted super mom who not only took care of her own 4 kittens, but nursed 6 more who were in desperate need of care. All ten of the kittens made it to an adoptable age and were eventually placed in good homes. Even though her babies went on to live good lives, poor Atlanta didn’t meet her forever family. SNAP is sure that this Mother’s Day is the perfect time for Atlanta’s family to come find her!

Atlanta’s foster mother tells us that Atlanta is a little timid, but warms up when you get to know her. Like many cats, Atlanta’s affectionate moods often surface at the same time that meals and treats do! Atlanta is used to being around other pets, but would also be fine as the only cat in a household. Wouldn’t you like to make Atlanta’s Mother’s Day by bringing this Atlanta feline mother into your household? Drop us a note to arrange a meeting with Atlanta, or apply to adopt her online. Like all SNAP animals, Atlanta is fully vetted, spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped.

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