ADOPTED! Deep Thinker Theo, Orange Male Maine Coon, in Search of New Atlanta Pensive Perch

Theo3 Theo is a marvelous male orange Maine Coon with a luxurious soft coat and a laid back disposition sure to make him a household favorite. Theo is still a young cat, and is about a year old. His fur is rich shades of orange with some variations of burnt orange and cream; he has long white whiskers and white eyebrows. What you notice about Theo, after the incredible orange lion’s mane that he has, is his glowing golden eyes. He has a sweet pinky peach nose to complete his look.

Theo2Theo is an independent thinker who appreciates making his own self-directed schedule. He likes to do his own thing; he probably will not be a lap cat or crawl into bed with you. In fact, his foster mother tells us that Theo sleeps in different places on different days! Sometimes he’s in his cat tree, sometimes on the bed, and sometimes on top of a cabinet. That doesn’t mean he’s not friendly, though. He does seek out attention and affection…especially if you have a bag of Greenies treats nearby. He welcomes pets and will even purr for you, but isn’t a big fan of being picked up and carried, or moved when it’s not his idea (like most cats, after all).

Theo is used to being with other cats, and is just as laid back with them as he is with his human friends. Theo is fine with being adopted as an only cat – more time to think that way – and would also be a good addition to a home that already has existing pets, particularly since he’s not moody or demanding. Like all SNAP animals, Theo is neutered, up to date on all his shots, and microchipped. If you’d like to add a handsome fluffy philosopher to your Atlanta home, to meet Theo, drop us a note and we’ll be glad to set it up. You can also pre-apply to adopt Theo online.

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