ADOPTED!! Do Fries Go with that Shake? French Fry Knows.

ff1aThis little man, French Fry, is our newest cover cat at the SNAP website, and it’s not hard to see why:  he is personality plus with wide, tilted green hazel eyes, long white whiskers, chubby black cheeks, and the most adorable white stripe running down his nose that ends in a diamond at the very tip.  French Fry has four white paws (can you see how politely he crosses them?) a white bib and endless cattitude.  Basically, he’s the perfect wide-eyed, innocent image of a calendar kitten.

This fluffy four-month-old will have medium length hair as soft as silk.  He is affectionate, and welcomes humans although like most cats, he likes to take a few minutes to get to know you.  Once he does, he’s a purr machine on serious autopilot.  French Fry is very interested in everything you have to say and will cock his head just to hear you better.

ff3French Fry will nestle on your shoulder, and likes to walk up his foster mom when she’s on the sofa and create kitten biscuits on her legs and arms, because he knows he’ll be rewarded by kisses!  Both he and his equally lovely brother, Tater Tot, purr easily, are very motivated by food (like most cats) and are starting to meow.

Now is the perfect time to adopt French Fry and his brother Tater Tot, because they are at the ideal age to bond closely to a human family, and are still young enough to let you enjoy all their kitten innocence and loveliness.  Like all SNAP kittens, they are neutered, up to date on tests and vaccinations, and microchipped.  French Fry is generating a lot of interest, so we encourage you to pre-apply online if you think he’s as special as we do.  Ping us with any questions you might have, too.

Tater Tot and French Fry live at the Howell Mill adoption center (I-75 & Howell Mill), so stop by and see them!  Seriously, just look at that face.  It’s sure to bring a smile to yours.

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