ADOPTED! Extraordinary! Rare Smoke Egyptian Mau for Adoption, Atlanta

charolette_cat01Just look at Charlotte.  She is such a unique beauty that once she catches your eye, it’s hard to look away.  In fact, you might find yourself looking closely at her coat – is it gray?  Silver?  It seems to move with the light and change colors…just like smoke.  That’s because Charlotte is a rare Smoke Egyptian Mau, a fine example of her breed, recognizable from artwork over 3,000 years old.  Adding Charlotte to your household would be a lot like investing in a fine piece of art or a rare slice of history, because she’s extraordinary to watch.  This piece of art, though, is full of affection and love…and waiting to find her forever home.  At SNAP’s adoption fee of $50, this piece of art is a bargain on every level!

Charlotte is about 9 months old, and has a refined, independent temperament.  She would be content to rule your household as the only cat, but gets along with other cats, too (mostly by ignoring them!). She has piercing green eyes with several different shades of green evident, a sleek buffed black nose, and a silvery gray muzzle.  Her whiskers are the same unique gray color as the rest of her fur.  She is confident, but friendly, and welcomes your pets.  Charlotte isn’t really a lap cat today, but is young enough so that her personality will probably blossom once she’s in one place for a continued period.

We’d love for you to meet Charlotte and see if this living piece of art would be the priceless addition to your Atlanta area home that we think she is.  You can pre-apply to adopt Charlotte online, or drop us a note to arrange to meet her in person.  Like all SNAP kitties, Charlotte is neutered, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and microchipped.

Can’t you just imagine her on a pedestal, beneath a spotlight, in a darkened room?  We can.  Charlotte: Open for Viewing Now!

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