Four-Legged Buddy Seeks Two-Legged Atlanta Buddy: Urgent Foster Need

BuddyThis friendly, broad-chested, smiley fellow with the perky ears and tail that goes *thump* *thump* *thump* was found in the Stone Mountain area by a good Samaritan who recognized that he was homeless.  The big-hearted animal lover took him to a vet’s office in the hopes that the vet could help Buddy.  The vet agreed to let Buddy hang out for a while and also made sure that Buddy was healthy.  He even neutered Buddy at no cost to help Buddy along the path to finding a forever home.  Buddy is less than 2 years old, so he’s a young dog, and weighs around 70 pounds.

SNAP got the chance to meet Buddy and we instantly became huge fans!  So now the four-legged Buddy is looking for a two-legged buddy…a forever buddy of his very own.  SNAP has admitted Buddy into our adoption program, but we need your help.  There are multiple ways that you can help:

  • Buddy needs a foster until we can find his forever home.  Do you have room in your home for a big love of a dog?  Buddy gets along with other dogs and has not had any potty accidents while he’s been with SNAP.  If you can take Buddy as a foster, SNAP will cover the cost of his food and any vetting costs.
  • Because we don’t have any vacancies in our foster homes, we are boarding Buddy at the cost of $10 a day.  We would appreciate your contribution to offset Buddy’s costs!
  • Please share Buddy’s picture with your friends.  We locate countless new fosters and resources for SNAP through word of mouth.

To meet Buddy, drop us a note and remember to track where he will be on our Facebook page.  You can also pre-apply to adopt Buddy online.

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