Four More Little SNAPpers Find a Home

It was a great week for four of SNAP’s guests and animal lovers everywhere.  Two kittens, 1 dog, and 1 adult cat found forever homes!


Happy could very nearly be named Serendipity.  He was found by a SNAP volunteer who was jogging in a park.  She noticed the little fellow tied up to a fence, alone, with nothing but an empty food bowl beside him.  Our volunteer quickly scooped him up and put him into SNAP’s care system.  After being brought up to full health, this week Happy went to a new forever home.

And doesn’t he look happy about it!

Augusta and Dunwoody

Augusta and Dunwoody are two of a plethora of gorgeous rescues from our Kennesaw colony.  Last week, their brother Roswell went home.  This Saturday, a loving couple and their toddler daughter stopped by to look at kittens.  They were missing a four-legged member of their family after losing him unexpectedly…and when they saw the Kennesaw rescues, they fell in love and left with two kittens instead of one!

We wish Augusta, Dunwoody, and their new family many happy tales ahead.


Zach is a dignified ginger tom that, despite bouncing from home to home, has managed to maintain his sweetness, dignity and calm demeanor.  After a previous adopter was unable to keep Zach due to financial and housing issues, another kind soul stepped in to add Zach to her household.   Sometimes older kitties are tough to place, even though they can add limitless degrees of love, affection and interaction to a household.  We thank Zach’s new mom for knowing the difference, and wish all the best to Zach and his new forever family.

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