Frankie & Sylvia, Ginger Friends

frankie-sylvia400There’s nothing sweeter than bouncy kittens vaulting over blades of grass on a sunny day.  However, veteran trappers know that if you find healthy kittens in the wild, somewhere there’s probably a nursing mother nearby.  If you take the kittens, you lose the mother – and allow an unneutered cat to breed again.  What to do?

When SNAP spotted the two orange fur balls that today are Sylvia and Cowboy, we made what might seem to be an unusual choice.  We opted to leave the kittens in a protected area, and allow the mother access to them so that she could complete the nursing cycle, since she couldn’t be spayed while nursing and the kittens were quite small.  We watched carefully until the kittens were old enough to be weaned, invited Sylvia and Goldy into our adoption program, and TNRed (trap, neutered, released) the mother to ensure that she would have no more kittens.

Sylvia has grown into quite a charmer who adores people, and shows off for you by dancing on her tip toes every time you walk in the room.  She holds her long tail completely erect in greeting to let you know that she’s paying attention and is glad to be invited onto your lap for a snuggle or two.

She’s a great conversationalist, too, who blinks at all the right places, hides her eyes at the scary parts, and pats your hand in agreement.  Sylvia loves to perform her favorite lap trick, barrel rolls, over and over again and if you’re not looking, will press her sweet head into your hand to make sure you do!  Like every saucy girl, Sylvia likes to call the shots on when she snuggles and when she needs alone time, but as she gets to know you, you’ll find she’s always nearby.

Sweet lady Sylvia has delicate buff and deep orange coloring, and mostly buff tummy, and pretty deep tiger stripes that ring her chest and forelegs.  She has a delicate pink nose, blush-toned paw pads, and neat white whiskers.  She especially likes to show off the ridge of fur that runs from chest to her tummy – her very own faux hawk – and the pretty line that runs the length of her tail.

Sylvia is very attached to ginger friend Frankie.  Although they look nearly identical, they aren’t siblings – but they sleep together, groom each other, and can even be caught exchanging kitty kisses!  SNAP would love to see Sylvia and Frankie find a home together.  Sylvia is a little more reserved than Frankie, so she needs him around to start a game of chase and remind this refined 9-month old she still has plenty of kitten in her.

SNAP recommends Frankie and Sylvia be adopted together as a pair. They are so close, they need to stay together, and together they are well-suited for almost any home, including one with dogs and young children.

Like all SNAP pets Frankie and Sylvia are neutered and spayed, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and microchipped. And ready to meet you at our adoption center at the Howell Mill Road PetSmart 7 days a week during normal store hours.

If you are interested in finding out more about Frankie and Sylvia or fostering, fostering to adopt or adoption, please email us at You can also apply for adoption online.

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Originally posted February 24, 2014.