Got Room? Dog-Loving Atlanta Feline Winkey Wants to Move In.

winkey3This girl is named Winkey – and you can probably guess why:  Winkey has a chronic eye condition caused by growing up in an overcrowded environment that allowed disease to flourish.  Winkey, along with multiple other SNAP cats, was rescued from a hoarding case where over 75 cats and kittens lived in a single home.  Winkey is about 2 ½ years old.

Her eye condition comes and goes, but doesn’t require any regular medication.   Like many feline conditions contracted in kittenhood, Winkey’s condition generally flares up when she is under stress.  Winkey has been in SNAP care, rooming with a loving foster family for a year and a half, patiently waiting to find her forever home.

Winkey has luminous green eyes are take in every tiny movement around her.  She adores playing with anything that moves (especially if it has a feather), and has a white chest and legs, with tabby-colored markings on her back and head.

Winkey is a big help around the house, and escorts her foster mother everywhere to make sure that she does everything right!  Winkey loves two things best of all:  affection from people, and affection from dogs!  She seeks out the company of both, and would be an ideal addition to a dog-filled household with room for a feline mascot.  Because Winkey knows that every person’s job is to pay attention to her, Winkey would probably be best in a situation where she is the only cat in the household, or is allowed to be the dominant cat.  Like all SNAP animals, Winkey is spayed, current on shots and vaccinations, and microchipped.

Do you and your dogs need a new four-legged feline faithful friend?  Winkey would love to meet them.  Drop us a line to arrange it, or apply to adopt Winkey online.  Welcoming this girl into your house will make your 2013 brighter. (PS: Winkey promises that she doesn’t need much room)

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