What SNAP Needs Today

It’s been a week of ups and down, full of tears and triumphs, for SNAP volunteers and our supporters. We find ourselves with hearts full of love, but slightly reduced coffers, from some unexpected medical emergencies.

Baby Santa Clara.  Santa Clara, a shy Havana Brown Maine Coon, is 8 weeks old in this photograph.  Earlier this week, kitten Clarita went to the vet because of stomach problems – but there ended up being much, much more wrong. When kittens like Santa Clara are born into poor living conditions, negligible nutrition and exposure to other sick animals, they are likely to develop issues, just as a human would.  Although Santa Clara was rescued from a hoarder a few weeks ago, we were saddened to learn that her intestines were so badly damaged that a portion of them actually had to be removed.   Santa Clara survived the surgery, and is now in recovery with a kind-hearted veterinarian who not only donated a portion of the surgery, but is taking Clarita home each night during her recovery to offer exceptional care and help SNAP avoid additional vet fees.  Santa Clara is still in recovery, and we look forward to the day we can hold a special adoption event in her honor.  A special thank you goes out to the dear people at Village Vets for their help with baby Santa Clara.

Total cost for diagnosis and surgery: $430

Taffy the Wanderer.  SNAP’s friendship with Taffy started a few years ago, when we agreed to partner with a trailer park that needed help managing a large feral colony.  Last week, we got a panicked call from the on-the-ground colony caregiver, who is responsible for feeding and monitoring the colony.  We learned that Taffy was badly cut – in fact, she was sliced from beneath one arm up to her neck.  It appears that in her wanderings, Taffy got caught in a piece of barbed wire, and the wound got dirty and became infected before the caregiver found her.  Taffy has recovered nicely, and is back home where she belongs.

View a picture of Taffy’s stitches on our Facebook page…warning, graphic!

Total cost for cleaning, antibiotics and stitches: $250

The price of clear vision. Just as baby Santa Clara struggled with stomach issues because of being born into poor circumstances, recently our rescued kittens have suffered from a spate of eye infections.  It’s not uncommon for kittens to get eye infections – but they are highly contagious.  Some recent rescues exposed other kittens to eye infections, and before long, the number of little ones with eye problems increased dramatically.  They are well on the road to recovery, but SNAP had to make medications available to multiple foster parents.

Total cost for additional medicine to combat the eye infections:  $100

We encourage you to consider making a donation to Lover Boy’s fund to help SNAP offset these recent expenses. Thank you for your continued support of SNAP and our efforts.

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