ADOPTED! Sugar, the Ingenious Hitchhiker

sugar05When an Atlanta woman stopped recently to pick up a bite at a fast food place, she certainly didn’t anticipate also picking up an uninvited hitchhiker – much less a four-legged one with green eyes, a pale pink nose, and long white whiskers!  But, on a recent chilly evening, 6-month old Sugar saw her chance to come in from the cold in the form of an open car door, and she leapt – literally – at the opening.

The woman who gave Sugar a ride couldn’t keep her, and was about to take the gentle tabby to a shelter when a friend of SNAP intervened to help Sugar find her forever home.  This small tabby has a white throat and black and tan markings.  Although we don’t know Sugar’s background, she is very friendly and wants to be a lap cat.  She likes to stay close to her human, snuggle, and nap.  Human attention is Sugar’s favorite thing!  She also likes to play.  Sugar has alert yellow-green eyes, an off-center white triangle around her mouth and nose, and curls her long tail around her when she sits.

sugar04Sugar would be fine as an only cat, although she gets along with the other animals at her foster mother’s house.  Sugar would be perfect company for someone who doesn’t get out of the house often – perhaps a shut-in or a senior cat lover – because what she really craves is human love.  If you’d like to meet Sugar or have any questions about her, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you right away.  Sugar, like all SNAP animals, is spayed, up to date on shots and tests, and microchipped.  You can also apply to adopt Sugar, or any other SNAP animal, online.

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