Jackson Needs a No-Stress Home

jackson-400SNAP was recently approached by Jackson’s mother, who unfortunately is no longer able to provide this 6-year-old Flame Point Siamese the kind of safe, secure environment that he needs to flourish. She is looking for a good home for Jackson – someone who can provide him with a place better suited to his needs. Here is the heartfelt letter from Jackson’s mother:

A Personal Note from Jackson’s Mother
“Jackson has been a very dear friend to me for many years. I’m struggling with this decision. It will not be easy to give Jackson up, but I think if the right home can be found for him, he will be better off.

Jackson is that type of cat who doesn’t like loud noises, sudden movements, or change in general. He prefers life to follow a predictable schedule with almost no variations. He also prefers a clean, clutter-free living environment. He has skin issues, so he can only eat canned food (he likes PetSmart brand the best). He also requires lots of individual attention–petting time (he loves butt scratches!), play time, brushing time, snuggle time, games, etc.

He can give a high-five in exchange for a treat! He loves to be loved, and is very loving in return. He has a wonderfully loud purr and gives fabulous head-butts. He sometimes acts like a rag doll and lets you play with his paws and even do “patty cake” with them! …When he’s in the mood, of course. When he was younger he used to follow me around the house from room to room, like a little puppy. He is protective, too, almost like a dog. He guards our house against the other neighborhood cats, it’s really cute. He is a wonderful companion.

However, when there is too much change around him, when his schedule is disrupted, when the house is a mess, when he doesn’t get enough individual attention, or when he feels threatened by other cats, his anxiety flares up. This is manifested by LOTS of urine-marking and by compulsive over-grooming. Last fall he suffered his worst flare-up to date, in which he was urine-marking in the house multiple times per day for over a week. He groomed himself to the point where he was bald along the backs of his legs, and had bald spots and scabs all over. He developed a sore on his mouth that the vet said was like an auto-immune sore that can occur when animals are stressed.

He has since started taking anti-depressant medication, which has helped some, though I honestly can’t say it is helping more than some over the counter remedies (we have used Composure Liquid with success). His grooming is finally in check and his fur is growing back, but the sore is not yet healed and he is still urine-marking. For instance, I was late giving him his breakfast the other day and he sprayed in the kitchen.

But the thing that helps Jackson the most, more than any medicine or remedies, is lifestyle. When he has lived in a way that suits his personality and needs, he has gone two years without a flare-up. For me, this was a time when I was unemployed and childless, and spending lots of time at home, giving all my attention and time to Jackson.

So I think his ideal match would be a home with NO children and NO dogs, though one other cat might be OK if the cat is willing to be submissive. (He has a cat-brother now, and they get along swimmingly.) The ideal owner would be a retired person/couple, or at least a childless person/couple who is willing to treat Jackson like their child. They should also be scrupulously clean, organized, and disciplined, so that they can provide Jackson with a stress-free environment. And they should have an appropriate work-life balance that has a steady schedule, with no intermittent late nights or sporadic travel.

I tried not to leave anything out, so I’m sorry if I have said too much, but please let me know if you need more information. Thanks again for your help. Jackson is such a sweet cat when he is happy. He’s been a very dear friend to me for many years. Thank you so much for your help.”

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Originally posted February 21, 2014.