ADOPTED! Johnnie Walker, Black and White Kitten Love On the Rocks, ATL

Johnny Walker 4Just look at this little man. 12-week-old Johnnie Walker is more than just black – he’s a lovely mix of black and white, a mirror image of his mother, Snow White. He has wide green eyes, long white whiskers and eyebrows, a black head cap and a bright pink nose! Because he’s a dapper, well put together kitten, his tiny nose and pink lips perfectly match his tiny pink paw pads. This bundle of kitten love was rescued from Animal Control along with his mother and brother, the tiny tabby Bo.

Johnnie’s best friend in the world is his mother and in fact, he and Snow White are mirror images of each other (except Johnnie is a lot smaller!). Johnnie doesn’t mind if you call him a mama’s boy if it helps him get adopted with Snow White, because he’s not ready to face the big wide world all on his own yet! He gets along well with other animals, and doesn’t mind dogs, but gets startled sometimes at sudden movements or loud noises. One thing that never startles him, though: human attention. He seeks out human pets and affection at every chance and is ready to bond closely with his new family. When he’s not hanging out with Bo or Snow White, Johnnie’s favorite toy is string. Because he’s just a kitten, he usually ends up hopelessly tangled in it and his foster mother has to rescue him! But he’s always ready for a fun game to work off some of his kitten energy.

Johnny Walker 3Because Johnnie is shy and needs to bond with another animal, SNAP can only send him to a home with an existing friendly animal family, or as part of an adoption pair. We think that Snow White and Johnnie Walker would make the perfect bookend pair of feline shelf ornaments, don’t you agree? ┬áJohnnie Walker also really loves his brother Bo, a tiny tabby.

We’d like a chance to introduce you to Johnnie and the special piece of string he’s hiding, waiting to play with you. The week of May 20th, Johnnie and his family will be moving to the Howell Mill & I-75 PetSmart Adoption Center in Atlanta, so come on by, or drop us a note to arrange a play date! You can always pre-apply to adopt Johnnie online, too. Like all SNAP animals, Johnnie is neutered, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and microchipped.

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