ADOPTED!! Laid Back Orange Tabby Seeks New Home Roost: Adoptable Cat, Atlanta

Christian6Christian is a dignified, laid back orange tabby that was rescued from a trailer park north of Atlanta.  SNAP maintains a relationship with a number of locations that care for ferals, but when the colony caregiver spotted Christian, they knew that he wasn’t feral at all, but needed a permanent home.  Christian is about 4 months old.

Christian has large, wide-set eyes that watch everything happening in the Howell Mill adoption center, where he currently lives.  He has distinctive, dark orange stripes around his neck, torso, and legs, as well as streaming from the corner of his amber eyes.  With his white whiskers and peach-toned nose, Christian would be the perfect addition to any household.  He is friendly, savors a good petting and a quiet conversation, and purrs quickly when humans pay attention to him. Christian also appreciates a good, comfortable lap and often sits quietly with our volunteers, enjoying their company.

Christian can be adopted alone – he is very self-sufficient – but he also plays well with the other cats in the adoption center.  Although he is the largest male there, he is gentle with even the smallest kittens.

You can meet Christian at the PetSmart Howell Mill adoption center off I-75 & Howell Mill, or drop us a line to get more details.  You can also apply to adopt Christian online.  He is neutered, up to date on all tests and immunizations, and microchipped.

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