Looking for a Hero to Help a Mother Heal

We’re not sure who once called Foxy Lady a member of their family, but we are sure that she’s been loved before.  On her way to the vet a few days ago, Foxy insisted on taking the ride with one paw in our volunteer’s hand for comfort.  This dog knew a real family at some point in her young life, long before a SNAP supporter spotted her and a puppy dodging traffic on Post Road outside of Atlanta.

Foxy Lady likes people, and smiles with her whole body when approached with an open hand ready to give a treat or pet her head.  She is gentle, loving, and we believe she has sacrificed her own well being for her puppy.  Like two- and four-legged mothers around the world, Foxy Lady doesn’t eat until Fawn has filled her stomach.  The puppy, who we named Fawn because of her delicate coloring and shy manner, is healthy.

Foxy Lady is another story.  Our vet confirmed that Foxy Lady has been a mother many, many times over, far more often than any animal should have to endure, particularly without food, shelter, or medical care. Living in the streets is difficult for any domestic animal – but living in the streets while trying to care for litter after litter of puppies has taken its toll on Foxy Lady.  She is thinner than she should be, and has been diagnosed with a case of heart worms.

To recover from heart worms, Foxy will undergo a series of treatments.  While she is healing, she must remain calm, quiet and stress-free for a few weeks.  This healing period is all important because normal activities like a game of catch – or chasing a playful puppy – could result in a clump of the worms which the treatments have killed breaking loose and ending her life.  With a quiet environment and compassionate caregivers, we fully expect Foxy to recover from the heart worms, and go on to find a forever family.

That’s why SNAP-2IT is looking for a hero to help this mother heal.

SNAP is seeking foster homes for Foxy Lady and Fawn.  Foxy Lady will require a peaceful, secluded environment where she can be safely sequestered while she is treated for heart worms.  She needs to be sheltered and loved, away from the stress of trying to survive day-to-day and care for Fawn.  Once Foxy is well, thanks to your support of SNAP’s mission to spay and neuter unaltered animals, Foxy Lady will be spayed and permanently retire from motherhood.

Six-month-old Fawn, who is already spayed and fully vetted, also needs a loving foster family, preferably away from Foxy.  Fawn has never belonged to a human family, although we believe she has met unkind humans because she shies away from raised hands.  Fawn’s foster family needs to help her learn to trust humans before SNAP can find her a forever home.  Fawn has shown no aggression towards humans; she is just a little skittish and needs an understanding, patient family to help her learn.

Can you be a hero for Foxy Lady and Fawn?  Comment here or email snap@comcast.net for details.

SNAP-2IT provides all food, medicine, and takes care of vet appointments for fostered animals.  You provide the love.

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