Mama Kas

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Mama Kas

Bicolor (White/Black)



Hi! My name is Mama Kas.  I used to live in an industrial park and made friends with all of the workers. I got the title Mama because I had a litter of beautiful kittens that I took such good care of.  The industrial park was such a terribly dangerous place to live though! Lucky for me, a nice family took me away from there when cold weather hit and brought me to the shelter. After being checked out by the nice vet, I heard that I was FIV+. I didn’t understand what that meant, and the sweet people at the shelter said they could not keep me.  Thankfully, some loving humans weren’t ready to give up on me and took me in until I can find a home of my own!


Now that I have spent some time indoors, I just love living inside a house! I love being surrounded by the nice people! My favorite thing is having my foster mom come home, so that I can run up and greet her just like I used to do with the workers at the park.  I love to wrap myself around people’s legs and show affection. I also go nuts for a good scratch post! Now that I’m an inside girl, I like to curl up on a high spot (currently an entertainment center) and watch the world outside from the safety of my house! I have a sweet, soft voice and a quiet, soothing purr. I like to gaze at people with my magnificent golden-orange eyes and be in the same room as you. I am a very good mama to my humans too! I love to be petted and cuddle, but also know when you need your space. I am a very intuitive lady and will make sure you are taken care of.  Don’t let my FIV + status be intimidating! FIV + cats can live long, healthy lives with just a little extra TLC. The kind people at SNAP are more than happy to give you information on FIV and how to introduce me to your home. Below are a few links to read up on FIV and learn the joys that can come from adding an FIV+ feline, like me, to your family! (excellent article)


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Mama Kas will be great in any type of home including with older children and small dogs. She has no special needs and will make a very special addition to the family.


Like all SNAP pets, Mama Kas is spayed, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and micro-chipped. And ready to meet you at one of our adoption centers or by special appointment.


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First posted September 12, 2015.




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