ADOPTED! Maxine, Your Furry Little Shadow that Sticks Like Glue: Adoptable Cat, ATL

maxine7Our feline friend Maxine reminds us of the Sesame Street children’s song:

My furry little shadow, so faithful and so true
It follows me just everywhere, it sticks to me like glue…
I have a furry shadow, it looks a lot like me
It goes wherever I go, as you can plainly see

Maxine the tabby is bursting with personality and affectionate to boot. When we visited to take pictures, Maxine followed us from room to room. That’s why she has more pictures of her than any of the other cats! One moment Maxine would be in the master bedroom posing nicely by a window; the next moment in the dining room rolled on her back begging for tummy rubs; a second later bringing us her favorite toy to play with.

maxineMaxine entered SNAP’s adoption program after she was dumped at a nice lady’s doorstep in a box with a litter of kittens. The kittens have all found homes, but Maxine is still looking for her perfect match.

Maxine is between 1 and 2 years old and lives with her foster mother in Atlanta. Maxine has huge green eyes that tilt up at the corner and make it look like she has a secret that she’s just about to share with you…perhaps after one more tummy rub! Maxine’s striking fur is a little different than other tabbies you may have met because she is a mackerel tabby. She has a handsome white bib, white mittens, white booties, and white whiskers. Her distinctive mackerel tabby stripes, in multiple shades of brown and cream, are eye-catching and unique. As you can see, she is tiger striped around her legs, has tiger spots on her tummy and dramatic dark brown stripes flow from each of her eyes to the back of her head. This loving young cat is trusting and loves to nestle her head in your hand. She will cuddle with you once she gets to know you, and even share your bed if you make room.


You can see that Maxine is a little chubby! While we think it adds to her personality, Maxine will benefit from an active environment with lots of human attention and play time. Maxine loves people and movement and activity, so she is well suited to a busy household. She’s pretty good at keeping herself occupied, so she doesn’t have to live with other animals. Because she is so social, though, she should be around humans or animals most of the time. Then, this funny little soul’s personality will really blossom.

Maxine has not been around dogs very much, but because she is very friendly and un-rattled by new people and situations, we think with the proper introduction she could live in a dog household. We’d love the chance to properly introduce you to Maxine, so drop us a note to arrange a play date. You can also pre-apply to adopt Maxine online. Like all SNAP animals, Maxine is spayed, healthy and up to date on all vaccinations and tests, and microchipped. Because Maxine is over a year old, her adoption fee is just $25!

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