ADOPTED!! Meet Baby Freckles, the Fairest Tabico of All! Adoptable Kitten, Atlanta

Freckles10SNAP would like to introduce you to baby Freckles.  This tiny tabico girl was trapped by a SNAP volunteer who feeds a feral colony at a Buford Highway apartment complex.  Her brother – a pretty gray piece of fluff – has so far proved impossible to trap, in part because of heavy Atlanta rains, but Freckles has had a dry week in a warm home with plenty of food, a couple of ouchy shots, and most of all, lots of love.  In just a week, her personality has blossomed and we can’t wait for her to find the forever perfect home.  Tabico kitties – part tabby, part calico – are known for having strong, memorable personalities!  Sweet Freckles is certainly living up to her breed.

Saturday, March 16: Freckles is trapped and quickly bundled into a warm holding place with lots of food and water while SNAP makes arrangements for foster care.  She is scared and freezes, becoming completely silent, when anyone approaches her.  She doesn’t hiss, though, or try to posture, a good sign that she’ll become social soon.

Freckles6Sunday:  After a volunteer vote where the little one is named “Freckles” because of the specks on her nose, Freckles goes home with her new foster mother.  Initially, Freckles stayed in a large cage so that she would feel safe and get used to her new home.  She is completely silent and doesn’t fight being held, but doesn’t know what to make of everything either.  She wolfs down a big bowl of kitten wet food and some kitten bites and then she and her foster mother spend some time blinking at each other and having a little talk.  Freckles obligingly uses the litter box!

Monday:  Although Freckles is in her cage most of the day, she let her foster mother pet her and even rolled onto her side to allow easy access to her tummy, and we get to admire the tiny taupe patch of fur beneath her chin.  When her foster mother left the cage door open, Freckles ventured out for a look around.  And a really big thing happened: we heard the beginning of a purr when she was petted in her cage.  Freckles likes to eat and use the litter box best when her foster mom is nearby.  She’s social that way!  She let us play with her tiny paws and we learn that some of her paw pads are pink; others are black.

Freckles18Tuesday:  Freckles climbed to the top of the 6’ cat tree!  Although her foster mother didn’t expect her to make it that high, that soon, she did! Smart Freckles! Best of all is that she now offers purrs when she’s cuddled and petted outside of the cage.  She loves to perch next to her foster mom’s face and bend her head back as far as possible and watch, watch, watch everything with her big greeney-gray eyes.  This close up, it’s easy to see the faint strokes of tabico orange beneath each of her eyes, and under her nose.  Will Freckles have a funny moustache as she gets older?  Maybe.  Freckles found the jingly toys in her cage and attacked them from every possible angle.  She adores her wand toys too, and makes a face when foster mom puts them well out of reach when they are done playing.

Wednesday:  Freckles starts doing the kitty-elevator-butt thing and arching her back to get attention!  She also gave her foster mom tiny kitty kisses and fell asleep snoring very quietly on her lap so we could admire her white fu-man-chu whiskers.  Her tabico attitude is starting to show, too, because when foster mom woke her up, she fussed and fussed at her.  Now foster mother calls her Princess Diva.  Freckles got a new toy today:  a ball in a circle track with a scratching pad in the middle.  She knew right away what the scratching pad was for and gave that ball heck!

Thursday:  Freckles has started “faux fainting” – just collapsing on her side – when you move your hand as if to pet her.  She lays there and watches expectantly until you do pet her…she purrs up a storm…and then wriggles away and begs you to chase her.  She is also now somersaulting over her toys and jumping straight up if she hears an unexpected noise.  Her foster mother has noticed that when Freckles sits on the cat tree, her tiny white-socked paws are crossed.  And biscuits!  We got kitty biscuits!  This is victory!

Friday:  Now Freckles mews when she wants you to play!  All you have to do is say, “boo!” and she will scamper just as if you were physically chasing her.  She makes laps around her room, circling the desk, skirting her cage, crawling on her belly beneath the chest of drawers, and completing the closet obstacle course with ease.  For the first time, Freckles cried when her foster mother left her for the night.

Freckles11Saturday:  A week after she met her very first human for the very first time, Freckles has become an affectionate bundle of energy and kitten-cute, full of personality and attitude, nearly ready for adoption.  Her new trick today is lying at her foster mother’s feet while she works and purring until she gets some attention.  It’s hard to concentrate because every time foster mom looks down, Freckles is sitting with her feet perfectly lined up, her ears perked, her head cocked as if she is listening for her next office chore! She also found some bubble wrap and is not a big afraid of the noise it makes.

Freckles is about ten weeks old now, and will be available for adoption in the next few weeks after she is fixed.  You can pre-apply to adopt Freckles now, though, and check on when she’ll be available to meet by dropping a note to SNAP.

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