Morgan & Savannah are Total Loves!

Savanna1SNAP received a call from PetSmart about a pet owner that adopted from a PetSmart in Conyers in 2007. The group she adopted from is out of business and (the lady’s) care giver contacted PetSmart for help in placing the cats because the caregiver was going into assisted living.

SNAP snapped to the rescue and went and rescued them. they are no longer hiding and are the most loving social cats you would care to meet and would make excellent companions for someone that is retired and or just looking for the most lovable bonded pair of siblings ever. They sleep with us, play some still and really love each other.

Morgan and Savannah are very sweet, social and loving. They love to be loved on, you can tell that they were truly loved in their past home. They do scare a little easy and they are still settling in, they are trying to understand why there are other cats here, but they really are love bugs.

They prance and walk around with their tails and what very long tails they have, straight up in the air. They purr if you just look at them and they would make lovely companions for a retired person that needs attention. They haven’t made it to the bedroom yet and still hide under the couch until they are sure all is ok but once they are out…. you can’t get them off you.

Morgan tried to get in the cat tree that is for kittens and could only get his head in, the rest of his body wouldn’t fit. It was just too funny. Sorry I didn’t have my camera handy.

You can apply online for Morgan and Savannah here or email us at

Current as of 01-20-2014.



  1. I meet Morgan and Savannah the other day while I was shopping at PetSmart! They were putting on a show and would make wonderful friends for someone. please share their story and help them find a home!

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