ADOPTED!! Move Over, Disney: ATL’s Snow White is here. Adoptable Young Cat.

Snow White  4SNAP would like to introduce you to a lovely cat family trio, Snow White, and her two little boys Johnnie Walker and Bo. We don’t know much about their history, because we met them when they were stuck at animal control and needed a helping hand. Helping our four-legged friends in need is SNAP’s favorite thing to do, so this family has been living with a wonderful SNAP foster until Johnnie Walker and Bo were old enough to get fixed! The little family is ready to look for their forever homes now, and the week of May 20, will be moving to the Howell Mill PetSmart adoption center in Atlanta. Even though they will miss their foster mom, they’re excited to meet everyone new!

It was easy for Snow White’s foster mother to choose her name: she reminded her of Disney’s Snow White, with her sweet disposition, caring ways with her two little ones, her easy affection, and the gentle purring meow that she uses to call little Johnnie and Bo. Like the other Snow White, our four-legged whiskered damsel reacts well to changing situations and seems to take new things in her stride, too! And of course, most of her fur is a lovely, thick, soft-as-silk white.

Snow WhiteSweet Snow White has wide, inquisitive deep green eyes, a rich pink nose, and long white whiskers that frame her face. She’s a lovely year old moo-cow combo of black and white, with a black head cap that covers her ears, one eye surrounded in black fur, and a swoop of black under her chin. Like her namesake, Snow White likes everyone! She plays with dogs, other cats, people…anything and everything. She seeks out pets from her human friends and loves to snuggle close, and purr and purr and tell you about her day. Her son, Johnnie Walker, is a miniature version of her and indeed, the two are nearly inseparable, while Bo is much more independent. Snow White is a young mother – so while she’s not a kitten, she has plenty of kitten silliness in her with none of the frenzy. She loves cat toys, too, and always figures out new ways to play!

Like all SNAP rescued animals, Snow White is spayed, microchipped, and up on all vaccinations and medical care. Wouldn’t you like an adorable matching set of feline bookends for your Atlanta home? We’d love the chance to introduce you to Snow White, her bookend son Johnnie Walker, and tiny tabby Bo. Drop us a note to set up a play date, or pre-apply to adopt them online.

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