New PetSmart Howell Mill Arrivals up for Adoption

Several lovely new guests arrived at SNAP’s permanent adoption center in the Howell Mill and I-75 PetSmart.  Meet Trevor, Wrangler, Buffington, and Motor.

Buffington may look like something is wrong with his nose….but this little man (and he is tiny) is so enthusiastic about his food that it’s hard to find him without a smudge on his face!  He eats with gusto…snout first.

Wrangler has white socks, bright, clear, curious eyes, distinctive markings, and ears that twitch at the smallest noise.  He’s still really small (see the picture below with our volunteer’s hand) but don’t tell him!  Wrangler is a confident and active young boy.  Look at those fuzzy ears.

Motor is an older cat with white fur and lovely green eyes.  Although Motor is shy until you get to know him, once he is used to you he…you guessed it…purrs like a motor.

Trevor likes to play, scamper, and chase the feather toy at the Howell Mill PetSmart.  Although he’s all kitten energy, it was easy to get him to flip on his back for a good tummy rub.  He has bright eyes, huge, soft ears, and gorgeous coloring.

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