ADOPTED!! Nimble Ninja Kitten Seeks Atlanta Home; Good Conversation a Must

ninja4Ninja is a delicate (and nimble, because all cat ninjas must be quick on their paws!) 12-week-old breath of kitten sweetness.  She has silky black fur, a white chest, and a black nose.

Ninja is very playful and energetic and really loves to romp and explore with her brother Ice.  Her foster mother tells us that Ninja doesn’t nap often, but enjoys curling up on your lap when she does.  Ninja and her foster mother have great conversations, too; Ninja answers human speech with a tiny trilling chirp!  This smart girl is so talented that she helped her foster mom by sitting on her chest and supervising while her foster mother emailed the people at SNAP.  Ninja would love to come and help run your household too.

Ninja1Ninja and her brother, Ice, were rescued by a nice lady who saw them on Facebook and knew that she had to help.  The siblings were in bad shape when their foster mom got them – malnourished and dehydrated – but they have recovered wonderfully and fully.  Ninja was scared at first and even hissed at her foster mother, but that was a long time ago.  Today Ninja is playful, sweet, and a lap-cat-napper.

Ninja would love to be adopted with her brother Ice, but it’s not a necessity as long as she is placed in a home that has other friendly pets.  Particularly since she is a kitten, her personality will blossom as long as she is allowed to play and bond with other animals.  Like all SNAP animals, Ninja is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and shots, and microchipped.

Ninja thinks it’s time you set up a play date with her.  She’s planning to hypnotize you with her deep green eyes, black whiskers, and single white paw, but we promise…you won’t mind.  Drop us a note to arrange a meeting, or pre-apply to adopt Ninja online!  And be sure to check out her brother Ice, too.

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