ADOPTED!! Rebel with Fuzzy Paws: Reb La Rue Seeks New ATL Haunt

Reb4Reb La Rue reminds us of a bad boy black and white movie lead from the 1950s that had female movie-goers swooning in their seats.  He’s long, lanky and angular with rugged good looks, a crested brow over piercing green eyes, a swashbuckling swagger that hints at a shadowy past (confirmed by a scar across his nose) and a soft side that he reserves just for the ladies.  It’s your lucky day, though, ladies, because Reb’s had enough of playing the field and ready to settle down for the long haul with the right partner!

Reb La Rue entered SNAP’s care about a month ago when his family moved and couldn’t take him with them.  Even though he’s a year old, Reb still has the spirit of a kitten.  He will chase feathers on a string with single-minded ferocity, and also play fetch with his favorite crinkly noise toys. He’s an expert climber who can scramble to the top of his cat tree in 3 seconds flat.  In fact, Reb can turn just about anything into a toy, including slippery desk tops and empty boxes.


Reb was already a nice young man when he came to stay with his foster mom, but he’s gone through some pretty big changes .  The biggest ones are that Reb got neutered and became used to staying indoors.  He’s been a good sport about changing his tomcatting ways, even though he had a lot to say about it at first.  SNAP also patched up a few injuries Reb acquired (as unfixed rebels are prone to do) during a scrap with another cat before he joined the SNAP family.  This young man is really a lover, though, and not a fighter.  When he wants attention, he will stretch and gently pat your knee and beg for a lift up.  Once in your lap, if you recline, Reb will stretch across your chest and begin to purr.  He also likes to be cradled like a baby and will nod off quickly and steal a kitty nap in your arms.  Sometimes he might tuck himself beneath your chin, or pat your cheek gently with his black paw pads.  His nose glows a sweet pink (like his ears), and if you’re close enough to snuggle with Reb you might notice that his eyes are really two colors of green.  He’s a classic handsome tuxedo, with long white whiskers, a white chest and forelegs, and a long black tail.


Reb is incredibly helpful in his foster mom’s office, demonstrating that he has business savvy as well as flair.  He is an expert proofreader and helped his foster mother work nearly every day, as you can see by the pictures below!  Mostly, he curls around her laptop to make sure that it doesn’t get cold, and helps her by pointing out bits of information on the screen that she might have missed. His specialty is clearing cluttered surfaces by carefully nudging objects to the floor, and then jumping down to investigate and make sure that his foster mother approves of his work.   When he’s not on her desk, he’s curled at her feet keeping watch to ward off any intruders that might break her concentration.  He likes to balance on his foster mother’s shoulders and sometimes surprises her by jumping on the back of her office chair unannounced.  When she’s typing really fast, he stalks her fingers on the keyboard! He is able to circle his room at his foster mother’s condo in just three leaps without ever touching the floor!

Reb21Reb is all healthy young boy cat, and really needs a companion animal to help keep him occupied.  At his foster home, Reb played with the other cats without aggression, although they didn’t always know what to make of his swagger and high energy ways.  His curiosity and lack of aggression makes him a good candidate for socialization into a home that already has animals…but Reb will definitely want to play, and play often, with his new roommates.  Reb is not dog tested, but with proper introduction we suspect that he might enjoy having someone to wrestle with.  Giving this young cat an outlet for his energy is what will make him the perfect addition to your home.

Because Reb is a year old, his adoption fee is just $25.  Reb is current on all tests and vaccinations, and was recently neutered.  He’s also microchipped.  Reb is going to live at the Howell Mill adoption center the week of March 4, and he can’t wait to meet you!  Drop us a note if you want to arrange an introduction, or pre-apply to adopt online.

PS:  Reb says that special preference will be given to families that buy him black leather jacket and don’t make him cut his hair.

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