Saved by Strangers, Tiny Rockwell Gets a Second Chance at Life

rockwell7Rockwell is a teeny tiny kitten with jack-o’lantern-bright eyes who has no idea of the stir he caused when a large group of Atlanta animal lovers learned of his plight.

This 10-week old kitten was picked up by animal control after he was found injured and alone by the side of the road.  His rear leg appeared to be hurt, but without a human to step up and claim Rockwell, his options were limited.

When news of Rockwell reached SNAP, we knew that we had to find a place for him.  With the support of some generous animal lovers, a SNAP representative claimed Rockwell and we settled him into his foster home.

Earlier today, he joined us for a photo shoot, where he stole our hearts with his squeaky little meows, purrs bigger than his whole body, and his beautiful silvery black coat.  For a young soul who has undergone such pain and fear in his short life, Rockwell is a ray of sunshine who will be available for adoption as soon as he is healed and we are sure all his health issues are resolved.

rockwell1According to the veterinarian, Rockwell did suffer a broken rear leg, perhaps from being hit by a car, but the leg has naturally healed in such close alignment to its correct location, the best option for Rockwell is to allow it to continue healing naturally.  For now, Rockwell is confined to a cage to keep him from jumping and perhaps damaging his leg more, but the tiny ball of black fluff is full of affection for anyone who comes near him.

Rockwell has medium black fur that looks like it will grow in lush and soft; we think his coat will have a silvery sheen to it, too.  He has a beautiful gray patch under his chin, and long black whiskers.  His eyes glow amber brown.

SNAP would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Rockwell’s rescue.  We always welcome your donations and support; it’s the only way we can deliver on our mission to address Georgia’s homeless animal problem through TNR.  You can apply to adopt Rockwell (although he has not yet received a clean bill of health, so his adoption depends on that).  There is already a lot of interest in Rockwell, so we’d like to introduce you to our other adoptable kitties, too!  Stop by our Howell Mill permanent adoption center at the I-75 & Howell Mill PetSmart any time.  We also show our adoptable animals every Saturday at the Buckhead PetSmart on North Peachtree.  Drop us a line with any questions or inquiries!

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