Say Hello to Homebody Hannah: Adoptable Young Oci-Cat/Bengal Mix, ATL

Hannah5This sweet Ocicat-Bengal mix is named Hannah. We like to call her Homebody Hannah because she’s so very thankful to finally have a home after living on the streets. Hannah was rescued from an apartment complex off of Buford Highway after a volunteer who feeds a feral colony there spotted her, and realized that all Hannah really wanted, after all, was a home to call her very own. So, our volunteer took Hannah to a temporary foster home while we find the perfect forever match. Hannah is between 1 and 2 years old.

Hannah3Hannah’s favorite thing in the world is wet food, and she has the most to say to her foster mother when she hears a can opening! She isn’t shy about asking for affection and pets when she wants them, and likes to have her tummy rubbed, and enjoys having her flanks firmly patted.

Like many cats, Hannah is perfectly content in her cat solitude. She would be an ideal only cat for someone who wants companionship, but doesn’t need constant attention from a pet. Hannah likes to hang out around humans, but isn’t a lap cat at her foster mother’s home. Because Hannah is in a home with a lot of other cats, her personality could be a little different once her environment changes. She tolerates other cats and is never aggressive, but doesn’t like bullies! Hannah should be an only kitty, or with a small number of equally laid back feline friends. SNAP has never seen Hannah around dogs.

As you can see from the pictures below, Hannah has very long, tilted, wise green eyes and a refined profile, typical of Oci-cats. She has the combination coloring of a traditional brown tabby and a calico, with washes of orange fur spread throughout her coat. She has a beige-pink nose, outlined in dark brown, and long white whiskers that tilt up at the corners like a dapper man from the 1890s. You can see that Hannah has some amazing striations in her coat, a testament to her Bengal heritage.

Homebody Hannah is just itching to get her feet under your table (so to speak). We would love a chance to introduce you to her – we know that getting to know prospective roommates is very important – so drop us a note and we’ll be glad to set it up. If you’re sure Hannah is the one for you – and why wouldn’t she be? – you can also pre-apply to adopt her online.

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