Adopted! Thompson the Masked Kitty Explorer

Thompson5Thompson has a sweet, inquisitive face with fuzzy ears, huge green-yellow eyes that are outlined in black, a black triangle-shaped nose, and a black patch that covers his lower jaw and chin.  This curious boy adores attention;  he will climb into your lap or stop by, as you can see in the photographs, just to say hello.  He is energetic and full of kitten energy, scampering here and there, chasing a toy or playing hide and seek with his cat friends.  Thompson lives in a foster home with a number of other cats, and gets along well with all of them.  Because he doesn’t sit still for long, Thompson should join a house where he has playmates and lots of human attention, too.  Thompson is happy to sit still for his human friends…for a second, that is…before he’s off to his next adventure.  As soon as you think you might not see him for a while, he’s back, perhaps to cuddle in your arms or beg for a head kiss.

Thompson4Thompson works hard to make sure that he knows everything going on around him, and likes to investigate every nook and cranny of his surroundings.  He doesn’t approve of closed doors and will hang around until he can sneak into the room and make sure that everything is fine!

Thompson has short/medium length black and white fur; his feet are white with tiny, cute, black paw pads.  He has long white whiskers and white eyebrows that spring from his black face mask.

Although Thompson has not been exposed to small children, he lives with dogs without incident, although he doesn’t seek out their company.  Like all SNAP animals, Thompson is neutered, up to date on all shots and tests, and microchipped.  Thompson is dying for a play date, so drop us a line to set one up.  You can apply to adopt online, too.

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