ADOPTED! Skipper


Seal-Point Siamese

DOB 1/8/2018

Dear my future human,

My name is Skipper and I’ve made a list of some things you should know about me if you adopt me.  (I’m quite helpful like that.)

1.  I’m a seal-point, which makes me extra special.  That means I have chocolate-brown mittens, tail, and face.  Some people say I look like a small panda, but I think that’s uncalled for.

2.  I have resting sad face, even though I’m actually a pretty contented kitty.  Sometimes my sad face comes in useful when it comes to getting access to the really good treats.  Just sayin’.

3.  I am especially fond of perching on window sills and watching my favorite network, Bird TV.  If your window sill has been a bit too clean and lacking in cat hair recently, I could probably fix that for you.

4.  I took one of those online tests and it said I was 67% introvert.  But lately I’ve been discovering just how much I like humans.  Even though they only have two legs and are also somewhat lacking in the tail department, they are an excellent source of warmth and cuddles if you nestle up against them.  Sometimes they even say what a good boy you are (I *am* a good boy, thanks for noticing) and give you treats, especially if you have resting sad face on.  Other times they let you follow them from room to room and check if they are doing anything interesting, like replenishing the cupboard where they hide the treats.  If I am feeling very brave, I even let them hold me for a few minutes.  That’s where they keep the best snuggles.

I hope this helps.



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Skipper will be great in any type of home including with older children and small dogs. He has no special needs and will make a very special addition to the family.

Like all SNAP pets, Skipper is neutered, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and micro-chipped. And ready to meet you at one of our adoption centers or by special appointment.

If you are interested in finding out more about Skipper, fostering or adoption, please email us at You can also apply for adoption online.

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First posted August 8, 2018.

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