ADOPTED! Southern Charmer, Russian Blue Lake: Adoptable Young Cat, Atlanta

Lake2Lake is a Southern lady.  She is delicate and composed as she lounges in perfect, picturesque poses at her foster mother’s home, watching the world go by.   Her Russian Blue gray fur shimmers in the light, but Lake is nonchalant about her good looks, like every polite young woman should be. Lake has calm, expressive green eyes and she likes to blink at you, slowly, to show you that she’s paying attention.  She’s the perfect conversationalist, because she listens intently and never argues back.

Lake was rescued from a trailer park north of Atlanta, and is used to living with other cats.  She likes humans and welcomes your attention, but is not a demanding cat that will compete for your time.  She is more the sort that will move from room to room with you…but pretend it’s a complete coincidence.  All she really wants is to be near you, even though she’s not a lap cat (yet, anyway). This delicate beauty would welcome a spot in a home that already has cats, or may come out of her shell if she joins a home as an only cat!

LakeLake’s brother has already been adopted, and she’s been waiting nicely to meet her forever family.  We would love to arrange a meeting, so drop us a line. You can always apply to adopt online, too.

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