ADOPTED! Striking Kitten Siblings Nicholas & Molly

Nicholas2Nicholas and Molly are a lovely brother and sister pair who are ready to find their forever home.  These sleek and affectionate siblings are tightly bonded, and will be adopted as a pair.   Nicholas and Molly were abandoned at an apartment complex on Dresden Drive in Atlanta, and were living with no food and shelter when they were found.

Today, at four months, they are happy, plump, friendly, full of purrs and extraordinarily beautiful, an unusual mix of markings and breeds.  Nicholas, a Snowshoe Siamese mix, has extraordinary coloring: black, cream, tan, and white.  He has expressive green eyes, white whiskers, and a tiny pink nose.  Nicholas starts purring the second you pick him up, and gets along well with other cats, especially his sister, Molly.  He is curious and runs all around the adoption center, exploring every corner, while periodically checking back with the people in the room for pets.

Molly1Molly is a white tabico Maine coon mix, another unusual combination.  Molly has the same deep green eyes as Nicholas, dramatically lined in dark brown, and white whiskers.  She likes to be petted behind her ears, which gives you a chance to play with her long ear tufts; she curls her bushy, swishy tail around herself when she sleeps.   Her chest and legs are primarily white, but her back and head are beautiful shades of tabby brown, but longhaired, with the tinge of warm orange that makes her a tabico.  Molly also loves human company, and is a sweet lap kitty.

You can meet Molly and Nicholas at the Howell Mill adoption center on Howell Mill Road.  Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more!  They’d love to meet you.  (PS:  You can apply to adopt online, too!).

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