ADOPTED!! Smiling Australian Shepherd Mix Claudia Love Kids, Pets, Toys. Adoptable in Atlanta.

claudia_dog01Claudia is a gentle Australian shepherd mix, sweet natured and eager to please. And what a face! She has funny ears that remain up and alert when she’s scouting the terrain, or pressed back against her head when she’s “smiling” – and boy, you can tell when Claudia is happy. This small dog has a huge grin that lights up a room. Her eyes are deep brown, and her primary fur colors are dark brown, black, tan, and white. Her forelegs and haunches are white speckled with tan, and she has a bushy, substantial shepherd-like tail that has a white tip.

claudia_dog06Claudia has been a part of SNAP’s foster program for a few months now, and has come a long way from the abandoned dog we found in Rome, Georgia, running scared with her brothers Mac and Veroni.  We estimate that she is between ten and eleven months old.  This means that she won’t become much, if any larger, and you can see from the photos that she’s a relatively small dog.

Claudia gets alone well with other dogs and cats, and could join a family that already has pets.  She loves playing with children and at her last foster home, had a chance to make friends with the neighbor’s children, too.  Claudia adores her toys – especially anything that squeaks! – and carries them with her from room to room.  She has learned how to play fetch and demands tummy rubs when she brings the ball back.  She’s learned how to release the ball if you ask her to let it drop.  Claudia (like most animals) is very treat motivated, so we think that the right family will be able to train her to perform all their favorite tricks.

claudia_dog08Claudia is trained to use a pee pad indoors, and goes outdoors to use the bathroom too.  She is still learning about leashes, and would be the ideal fit for a family that has a fenced in yard where she can run at will.  Her foster mother describes Claudia as loving, loyal, happy and sweet – and a dog that enjoys chilling in her dog bed.  Claudia is also a “purpose barker,” meaning that when she barks, there’s a reason; something has occurred.  This demure girl would be the ideal addition to many family situations, but will do best in a place where there’s a lot of activity that she can be a part of, people to get her involved and continue to work with her, and most of all, limitless love (and a big supply of squeaky toys).

Like all SNAP animals, Claudia is spayed, up to date on shots and tests, and microchipped. We would love to arrange a meet and greet with Claudia, so drop us a line if you’re interested. Her brothers, Mac is still available for adoption too. You can apply to adopt any of the dogs online. Please share!

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