ADOPTED! Taming Helena’s Heart: Former Feral Tabby Seeks ATL Forever Home

Helena1Beautiful brown-and-white tabby Helena is easy to spot, even in a room with other cats, because she has the most remarkably feminine, heart-shaped face with huge, clear, greenish-brown eyes that tilt up at the corners.  She has a remarkable story, too, because Helena was never supposed to be a part of SNAP’s adoption program!

Helena entered SNAP’s care through a TNR (trap, neuter, release) exercise.  When SNAP traps feral cats and kittens, before we re-release them, two conditions have to be met: they must be spayed or neutered, and they must be essentially well.

Helena2Tiny Helena (named in honor of her initial caregiver) had a horrific eye infection when SNAP trapped her, so she could not be re-released with the rest of her Decatur, GA siblings.  Although she was feral at heart, she was also very small, so our experienced SNAP volunteer was able to medicate her on a regular basis.  Slowly, Helena’s eye healed.

And then, a funny thing happened:  the wild, feral kitten who didn’t like people, hid given the chance, and hissed and squirmed to get away, changed her mind.  Lovely Helena with the heart-shaped face became gentle, sweet and loving to her human family.  When that change happened, we knew that we could not re-release her to the outdoors and decided to admit her to our adoption program instead.

This 8-month old dainty beauty has a white muzzle, pink nose, with long white whiskers.  Her chest, front legs, and haunches are primarily white, and the fur on her back, tail, top of her head and side of her face is pretty shades of tabby brown. Helena can be a little skittish, but she lives in a very busy household with multiple other foster cats today.  We believe that if she is in a quieter environment, her confidence will increase greatly.  Helena will benefit from more individual attention from humans, and the chance to bond closely.  Helena should be placed in a home with other pets; she loves being with other cats and gets along with dogs, too.

Helena3We’d love to introduce you to Helena, so drop us a note to arrange a time and place that works for you.  You can also pre-apply to adopt Helena online.  Helena can’t wait to give her heart to her new forever-family…is it yours?

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