ADOPTED! Tammy and Sammy, Adoptable Atlanta Feather-Chasing Siblings, Ready to go to Forever Home

Tammy4Tammy and Sammy were born behind a drugstore from a feral mother that probably wandered away from a nearby colony.  This sweet brother/sister tabby pair are about 11 weeks old now, and ready to find a forever home.

Sammy4They have dramatic tabby coloring with the distinctive “M” pattern on their forehead in dark brown, and dark brown stripes originating from the corners of their eyes.  Both Tammy and Sammy have white whiskers and matching all-white booties.  Their dreamy gray-green eyes are always alert watching for something new to chase.  They are fierce feather warriors and conquered the kitten climbing perches in no time at all!  Both of them are friendly to humans and other cats, and like playing and a good snuggle.

Because Tammy and Sammy are bonded, they will be adopted to a single forever home.  You can meet Tammy and Sammy at the Howell Mill and I-75 PetSmart in the adoption center any time the store is open.  Drop us a note with any questions, or apply to adopt online.

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