ADOPTED! The Spence and CeCe Saga: Adoptable Kittens, Atlanta

Spence4Even though in a perfect world, SNAP would like all our kitties to find homes as soon as possible, sometimes it can be fun to watch the little ones grow, too.  The brother and sister pair CeCe and Spence have provided SNAP volunteers with hours of fun and entertainment! At a little over 4 months old, they are leggy, awkward with huge, always-alert ears that are too big for them, full of kitty shenanigans, and oh-so-sweet.

CeCe4CeCe and Spence entered our program when they were tiny, too small to adopt.  Out of the 5 kittens in their litter, only CeCe and Spence remain, and what a joy they are to watch!  CeCe is a beautiful Russian Blue mix with a silvery coat that catches the light; she has a single peach toe and a tuft of peach fur at the base of her throat.  CeCe is very active and loves to run and jump; she is the instigator of mischief more often than her even tempered brother, Spence.  She enjoys attention, though, and will lay her head in your hand and beg for ear rubs.  She has large, Russian blue ears, and hers are always alert and ready to pick up whatever is going on.  As she has aged, CeCe’s nose has developed a silvery sheen, as you can see.  CeCe is curious and fearless with huge round-ish amber eyes, and large black pupils.

Spence has grown into a handsome young cat, with strong, masculine features and a completely black nose and nose pad.  He, too, is scamper-and-chase kitten active, but will slow down for pets and attention.  He has alert amber eyes, and is relaxed and confident, and adores his sister, as you can see from the picture below.  Spence has a single white whisker on one side of his face; the others are all black and is happy to curl up near you and pass the time.  When our volunteers are at the PetSmart where CeCe and Spence live (as of April 2013), he can usually be found within an arm’s reach of a human.  He doesn’t need constant attention…but he likes to hang out. He follows movements in the room with his clear eyes, and loves nothing more than performing a daredevil leap from the cat tree while stalking toy mice!

CeCe-SpenceCeCe and Spence would love to be adopted together, but it’s not a necessity.  They will thrive in homes with a lot of interaction and should have other animals they can bond with for company.  They still have plenty of kitten fun and sweetness in them, and can’t wait to meet their forever family!  As with all SNAP animals, they are up to date on vaccinations and medical care, are neutered, and microchipped.  If you have any questions, drop us a note, and pre-apply to adopt them online.

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