ADOPTED!! Tiny ATL Yorkie Mix Urgently Needs Foster: Penny, 7 months old, Signed Over to SNAP’s Care

pennySNAP has a longstanding relationship with a trailer park north of Atlanta, which is a breeding – and dumping ground – for unwanted animals.  This weekend, this small dog, Penny, made her way into SNAP’s care.  Our foster homes are full, and finding a temporary foster for Penny is our first priority, with a long-term forever home next.  If you foster an animal for SNAP, we pay all vet expenses and if needed, will call on our pool of volunteers to take the animals to and from appointments.  We also provide the food.  You provide the shelter and the love, and help us ensure this tiny soul is ready to find her forever home.

Penny is about 7 months old, and is probably a Yorkie and Shih Tzu mix; our vet will tell us more.  Penny lived in a home until this weekend, but didn’t get the right type of attention from humans.  She was most often left with children who did not understand how to train a puppy and struck her when she did normal dog things, like bark.  When approached, the family gladly signed Penny into SNAP’s care.

penny 10Even though she got off to a bumpy start, Penny is sweet and eager to please, and a little timid.  Right now she is in a transition home with many other animals, and the noise and chaos are disorienting for her. Even with that, last night, she began to play with the other animals in the home, to everyone’s relief.  So far, Penny seems to be house trained (but under stress, dogs may have accidents).  Our contact in the trailer park has seen her fetch sticks and balls, so we think this little one is brimming with energy and wants to form a close bond with a forever family.

You can see that Penny’s fur is in creams and browns, and she has soulful eyes and a black nose.  Right now she is a little disheveled, but that’s nothing that a good brushing won’t help!  She has white socks, and a dark tail.

Penny has not yet been spayed, and needs a trip to the vet.  After that, we will begin working her through SNAP’s adoption channels to place her in a loving, forever home.  We desperately need someone to open their heart and their home to this little beautiful girl.  Our foster homes are full, and we need to find Penny a place that affords both her and us some time, some breathing room, and a chance at a future.  Because of the urgent nature of this request, please call our SNAP phone at 404-957-6914 or email us at

This video was taken last night, just hours after Penny arrived at the transition location.  You can see that she’s anxious to play and socialize, if a little nervous, and not aggressive.  She also responds to our volunteer’s voice when called.


If you’re interested in adopting Penny, you can always fill out an application online, too.

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