ADOPTED! Tiny Tabby Oci-Cat Tiger with a Big Spirit: Bo, 12-Week Old Atlanta Kitten

BO 4Even though 12-week old Bo was the runt of his litter, he has an independent streak and is spunky and curious, according to his foster mother.  Tiny Bo was rescued from Animal Control with his mother, Snow White, and brother, Johnie Walker.  Bo has been having a great time at his foster mother’s, getting to know dogs and lots of people, and is ready to meet his forever family now.

He’s very affectionate once you get to know him, and like many little ones, is a little shy in the beginning.  Bo is a classically handsome brown tabby Oci-cat mix with tiger stripes around his legs, wide-set hazel eyes, perky triangle ears, and a dark tail that does a cute little flip around his hind paw when he’s not paying attention.  He has rich dark brown Cleopatra stripes flowing from his eyes, very strong “M” markings on his forehead, and a cream colored tummy.  His perfect little kitty feet are adorable, too, each individual toe outlined in dark fur.

BO 2Even though Bo doesn’t look like his mother, Snow White, his foster mom tells us that he has her laid back personality and takes new things in his stride.  Because of this, he doesn’t have to be adopted with another member of his family, but should definitely be placed in a home with other animals because he’s so small, his personality will really flourish the best if he’s around four-legged friends.  Bo would love to find a home with his brother or mother, but his independent streak has him ready for a good adventure, too!

Bo and his family are moving to the I-75 & Howell Mill PetSmart the week of May 20, and can’t wait to meet you.  You can arrange a play date by dropping us a line, or just come by to say hello.  Like all SNAP animals, Bo is neutered, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and microchipped.  Remember, you can always apply to adopt this tiny tabby tiger online, too!

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