ADOPTED!!! Tuxedo-ed Green-Eyed Ella Seeks New Digs: Atlanta Adoptable Cat

Ella5Ella is one in a group of distinguished “E” named cats, including Emerald, Elise and Eliot.  They were rescued from an apartment complex near the Atlanta Waterworks at the same time that SNAP volunteers found the Charlie Brown gang.

SNAP had received requests for help because multiple litters of kittens were born at the complex, and had no caregiver.  They hid from everyone who tried to capture them, and were eventually located in the basement.  The tiny kittens burrowed deep inside the individual cinderblocks that comprise the basement wall.  A volunteer actually had to break the cinderblocks to retrieve the terrified babies.

Today, Ella is a lovely black and white tuxedo with long white whiskers, deep green eyes, and white socks.  She likes people and seeks out their company, and loves to play with other cats.  She’s friendly, social, and easygoing.  As you can see from the pictures, she approaches humans easily, and likes toys.  In fact, most of the pictures we have of Ella are just of two huge, green eyes, curious, and asking for a head pet.

Ella would be the perfect low-maintenance addition to your household.  She has been exposed to dogs with no issues, although we have not kid-tested her.  Even though Ella is happy at her foster mother’s, she would like to find her forever home!  To arrange a meet and greet, please drop us a note.  You can also apply to adopt online.

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