ADOPTED!! Update on Precious Penny the Puppy

Penny-2A few days ago, we told you about a scruffy little puppy named Penny who was surrendered to SNAP after a volunteer witnessed the tiny thing being repeatedly mistreated by a group of unsupervised children.  She knew she couldn’t leave Penny in an abusive situation and after locating them, persuaded the parents to let Penny leave the household.  Penny seems to know that she has found safe harbor with the SNAP family, and we want to update you on her progress.

Penny has made huge and significant improvement since moving in with her temporary foster mother (including playing joyfully with other dogs, and sleeping with her), and we have isolated that she reacts strongly if hands come towards her in or near her line of sight.  For example, while she doesn’t love being crated, she will only snap if she is pulled out of the crate.  We suspect that she was taunted and teased to the extreme, including while she was crated or cornered, and this is the only way she knows to defend herself.  In the near term, Penny should not be around small children because of this.

We are still seeking a foster for Penny until she is ready for a forever home, and would welcome foster-to-adopt inquiries.  The ideal foster environment for her would be a home with experienced and patient dog lovers, a relatively quiet environment, and lots and lots of affection.  Penny is not reliably house trained, so she needs to be in a home where frequent visits outside are possible and gentle methods are used to help her understand what “outside” and “potty time” really mean.

After being with our volunteer for a few days, Penny has bonded tightly with her, but is still wary of strangers.  Still, she let our photographer pet her with no signs of aggression, even in a crowded PetSmart.  Penny responds well to gentle, soothing tones, and you can see the little girl visibly relax when she is talked to softly and petted.  We have every expectation that Penny will become a wonderful family dog, but she needs some help to get over her bad early experiences.

If you are able to foster Penny, or interested in adopting her permanently, please drop us a note  to discuss it.  In the meantime, we’ll keep updating you on her progress.  SNAP welcomes your support so that we can continue to help animals like Penny in our program.  You can designate a contribution to be used for a particular animal by filling in the comments section when you donate online.  There are lots of non-monetary ways that you can help SNAP, too.

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