ADOPTED!!! Guava & Papaya Take Howell Mill by Storm. Atlanta adoptable kittens.


Guava poses nicely.

These sweet and playful brothers, Guava and Papaya, are two of our favorite residents at the PetSmart adoption center at I-75 & Howell Mill Road in Atlanta. Although at first glance they may seem hard to tell apart, Guava has a dark nose; his brother, Papaya, has an all pink nose. They both have dreamy gray-green eyes and long white whiskers. Guava and Papaya have already had an eventful life! In September of last year, a nice lady found their pregnant mother and took her to a veterinarian. Papaya and Guava were born at the vet’s office, and lived there in their first days. Because of this, they are used to being handled, get along fine with other cats, and even liked dogs as little ones, although they have not lived with dogs in the recent past.

They are little kitten scamps, at the age when running and pouncing and jumping – especially after a moving feather or one of the other kittens in the adoption center- are their favorite things to do. When they quiet down, they both enjoy a good cuddle and approach people easily for attention and ear rubs. Papaya likes to be picked up and held, and Guava is especially good at cat tree acrobatics! Guava and Papaya have been neutered, are up to date on all shots and tests, microchipped, and are ready to go to their forever home.


Precious Papaya

Even though Guava and Papaya like hanging out with each other, they don’t have to be adopted to the same human family. They get along with all the cats at our Howell Mill adoption center, and have learned they can be friends with anyone. Because they are active young kittens, they will develop best in a home that has other pet companions.

They would love to meet you! You can stop by the I-75 & Howell Mill adoption center any time to view them, or come by on weekend afternoons when the center is manned by SNAP volunteers. Feel free to email us for more details or fill in an online adoption application.

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