There Are So Many Ways You Can Help Us

SNAP depends not only on donations for support, but most importantly on the generous support and tireless efforts of our volunteers. We have so many needs, and there are so many creative ways you can help – both large and small.

Help on Adoption Days

We are looking for volunteers to help with adoption day activities at our three pet adoption centers. Volunteers who help with adoption days get to hang out with the cats, dogs and other volunteers and meet and greet prospective owners… how-to-help-button8

Volunteer to Taxi

SNAP transports pets every day between vet offices, foster homes and our adoption centers. Volunteering to ‘taxi’ our pets from one location to another is an everyday affair and a much needed volunteer service… how-to-help-button8

Take a Picture

SNAP needs volunteers to take pictures of our pets who are ready for adoption. As part of the adoption process, we list all SNAP pets ready for their forever homes in a variety of places online – from our website and social media to… how-to-help-button8

Write Some Bios

Writing a bio or short description for each kitten, cat, puppy and dog is a critical part of our adoption process and is a huge help as a volunteer service. Typical pet bios are 100-200 words in length, and take a short time to write… how-to-help-button8

Organize Our Files

There is a significant amount of record keeping involved with the services SNAP provides. These include everything from documenting spay/neuter records for each pet as required by law, to keeping records of vaccinations… how-to-help-button8


SNAP helps hundreds of pets find homes each year, and fosters are a big part of this process. We have so many homeless pets that need temporary lodging while we work to find them a forever home, and fosters provide a vital link… how-to-help-button8

Donate Stuff

Our needs cover items we use – both disposable and durable – to conduct our day-to-day operations for our rescue, spay/neuter, adoption and education/outreach programs. The cost of these items adds up, and they represent… how-to-help-button8

Make Stuff

SNAP is always in need of crafty items. As a 501c3 charity animal rescue organization, we are always interested in creative ways to support donations both in money and in appropriate and useful items often made by our volunteers…. how-to-help-button8

Host a Charity Event

SNAP is looking for volunteer coordinators who can either plan and organize events, including establishing relationships with outside organizations like restaurants and other groups, or help on the day of the event with any required logistics… how-to-help-button8


Each of SNAP’s core programs needs advocates to not only volunteer to help day-to-day operations, but to spread the news of what SNAP is doing and how others can help. Any help you can give by way of word-of-mouth to social media is… how-to-help-button8