ADOPTED! 1-Year Old Tuxedo Misha with Good Luck Bindi; Adoptable Cat, Atlanta

misha1Cats like Misha are the reason black and white so timeless…and hip at the same time.  1-year old Misha rocks the tuxedo look with her sleek, smooth lines, lithe movements, and sweet white booties.  She has sparkling green eyes that she will blink at your, slowly, to tell you that she likes you.  She even has a good luck white bindi on the bridge of her cat nose between her eyes.  Misha has a near, triangular all-black nose, alert black ears, and long white eyebrows and whiskers.  Like all chic females, Misha has the confidence to go with her appearance and follows her foster mother around the house until she gets some attention and affection.  She always lets you know her opinion – nicely, of course.  Misha also likes to sleep with her human and will snuggle up for naps.  Sometimes, she even uses her foster mother as a bed.  At only a year old, she is barely out of kittenhood and still has plenty of silly cat moments that should be captured and shared on You Tube!

2013-04-19 14.38.24Misha adores other cats, and will seek them out to play, but also occupies herself well with cat toys when no playmate is in sight.  Misha has a lovely sister named India that she would love to be adopted with!  We call Misha a “comfort cat” because she likes to snuggle with other kitties, even if she doesn’t know them very well.  Because of this, SNAP would prefer to see Misha go to a home with other cats, because she will be at her best with some cat interaction.  Although we haven’t seen Misha with dogs, we believe that with a gradual introduction she would be fine.  Misha is hard to get pictures of because she really likes to be in the center of the when she hears a camera click, she intantly heads over to investigate!  She will enjoy joining your busy, active, Atlanta family.

Like all SNAP kitties, Misha is fully vetted:  fixed, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccinations.  If you’d like to meet Misha, drop us a note and we will gladly arrange a play date.  You can also pre-apply to adopt Misha online.


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