A Peaceful Way to Start the Day: Adoption Center Kitties, March 2013

CeCe-800X533Taking care of our Howell Mill residents first thing in the morning definitely has its perks, not the least of which is watching the kitties cavort after they wake up, have their breakfast, and sneak in some play time.  This week, because of successful adoptions, we had a small crew…but it was an entertaining one!

CeCe with the peach toe. CeCe stole our hearts, not only because she sat on our volunteer’s lap, begged for attention and purred the second she was picked up…but we saw that she has a single peach toe.  Just one.  How adorable is that?  CeCe is a Russian blue mix and as she is growing, some of the “mix” is beginning to show.  CeCe has a single peach toe on her hind paw and some small patches of peach on her throat.  With huge glowing amber gray eyes, she’s a stunner, and a nice companion to boot.  That’s why she’s our new cover girl.

spence2Spence has one white whisker.  Little man Spence has started to show his funny personality now that his twin was adopted last week, as often happens.  Here’s what we noticed about Spence:  He’s a nearly all-black kitten, but he has a single long, thick white whisker on the right side of his face.  Can you see it?  Spence has lively green eyes, and loves to chase his sister CeCe around.  He gets along well with all the other cats, though.

Olivia works the catwalk. Olivia is the stunning seal point Siamese that everyone is asking about.  With sky blue eyes and a gentle demeanor, we think of her as our breathing piece of high-end artwork.

Olivia-March-2Toby and Maya continue to enchant us, as the little orange on orange male follows his royal highness, Maya around.  This week, Toby and Maya were very social and climbed the cat tree with the other kittens, explored the cupboards, and chased down every cat toy that skittered across the floor.  Toby and Maya are scheduled to go to their forever homes this weekend!

Toby4We’ll have new residents at the Howell Mill location after this weekend, and they can’t wait to see you.  A huge thank you to our faithful supporters and a reminder that you can contribute to a SNAP fund to help us continue our work, save recyclables for us, and share news of our pets with your friends.  If you’re interested in expanding your four-legged family, you can always pre-apply to adopt a SNAP animal online.  SNAP animals are always spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and microchipped.

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