ADOPTED! Atlanta Seafood Lovers Andy & Angel Seek New High Seas Adventures

Andy-Angel-2Regular visitors to SNAP’s adoption days at the N. Peachtree PetSmart have probably noticed Angel and Andy. This striking pair is eye-catching not only because of their beautiful coloring and bold features, but because they are inseparable, usually twisted together like a pretzel, moving in tandem as they watch visitors.

andy1Angel and Andy are between 8 and 9 months old, and have been in the gentle care of a SNAP volunteer since they were kittens. After months of socialization with their loving foster family, this seafood-loving duo is ready to hit the high seas and find their new domestic ship in land-locked Atlanta.

Our volunteer had to gain Angel and Andy’s trust before she was able to bring them home with her. She found them feeding from a dumpster behind a Red Lobster restaurant. Angel was the first one to come out and say hello to our SNAP expert; her brother, Andy, would hide behind the dumpster and peek out once in a while. After a short time feeding them, our volunteer realized that Andy and Angel were well-suited to being indoor cats because they both wanted a relationship with people. With a little patience, she trapped them and brought them home.

Andy is a striking orange Maine coon mix with luxurious thick fur in shades ranging from dreamsicle to burnt sienna, and a wider, more masculine face than Angel’s. His eyes are golden green, and he has a pink peach nose. They both have long, long white whiskers.

Big handsome Andy likes to chase other cats and play with them, including his sister Angel of course. Andy and Angel are very treat motivated, and have learned to relax with new people, but potential adopters should know that they will need time to adjust to a new household. Andy lets you know when he wants attention by head-butting his way into your hand, and will interrupt you if you are petting another cat longer than he approves of! On the other hand, Angel is gentler, and will sit with you for hours and cuddle. The brother and sister love cat toys and will play together endlessly. Catnip socks and mice are their favorites! And, they always go crazy for dancing red dot of light.

Angel2Angel and Andy are very tightly bonded; Andy will actually cry if they are separated for any length of time and go looking for Angel. For this reason, we plan to adopt them as a pair. They eat, sleep and play together, always in tandem. At their current age, they are at an ideal stage to transition into their forever homes and will bond with a new family given time and patience..and certainly provide lots of entertainment and affection. Like all SNAP animals, Angel and Andy are both fixed, current on all shots and required treatments, and microchipped. We would love to introduce you! Starting on March 19, Andy and Angel will be visiting the permanent adoption center at Howell Mill, so stop by and say hello. You can drop us a note with any questions, or pre-adopt to apply both of them on line.

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