Can You Help Offset Smokey’s Medical Costs and Support His Recuperation?

When special needs arise, SNAP comes to you, our friends and supporters, for help. One of the most unforgettable cats of 2012, this gentle giant of a Japanese bobtail named Smokey, had his leg amputated earlier this week due to medical necessity. Smokey is expected to make a full and robust recovery, and his future forever mother can’t wait to take this tripod of a big lover boy home! It’s a blessing that we don’t have to worry about placing Smokey, but we are asking you to consider a donation to offset Smokey’s medical expenses so that SNAP is ready to help the next cat in need.

Details About Smokey and His Needs

The majestic Japanese bobtail, Smokey, didn’t know that he was hours away from going to his forever home when he slipped out to sun himself at his foster mother’s home. During his adventures, the poor fellow took a bad fall and was found hiding, hours later, in some nearby foliage.

In the fall, one of Smokey’s front legs was badly broken; the leg bone was protruding and visible from beneath the poor cat’s skin. After observation and a weekend of treatments to offset infection, SNAP had to make a serious decision: try to implant metal plates and save Smokey’s leg, or opt to have it amputated? After much discussion with our panel of veterinarian experts, we decided it was best to amputate.

To an observer not experienced in situations like this, amputation might seem drastic – but cats work very differently than other creatures. Because we are asking for your help, it’s important that you understand the factors that influenced our decision:

  • With metal plate implants, there was a possibility of multiple surgeries, which means a much higher rate of secondary infection. We are probably the most scared of secondary infection because if it occurs, it can kill a cat (even a bruiser like Smokey!) quickly, and be impossible to stop. With amputation, once the surgery and healing is complete, that risk is gone. Nothing foreign is introduced into Smokey’s system.
  • As Smokey ages, there is the strong possibility that the metal plates will cause him to become arthritic and greatly impact his quality of life, especially considering his size.
  • His recovery time with the plates would have been months, and during that time he would have been confined to a small cage, unable to move and completely helpless. Smokey has already had his claws removed; we believe he has suffered enough. Because we chose amputation, Smokey will be ready to go to his forever home within days – not months.
  • Particularly because he lost a front leg, Smokey’s quality of life – his ability to be a cat and do cat things – will be nearly unaffected. Tripod kitties adjust quickly and are able to do pretty much everything four-legged kitties can!

It’s important to know that in addition to these factors, once Smokey was on the operating table and the surgeon was able to fully assess the internal damage, amputation was inevitable. Smokey’s expenses are $817 and change. Smokey is recovering by leaps and bounds every day, and being evaluated for when he is well enough to go to his forever home.

We welcome even the smallest cup-of-coffee-size of donations. SNAP knows that as a community, we can create small miracles – and do – every day. It’s all possible because of your support.

If you have any questions about Smokey, his welfare, or the program, please drop us a line. SNAP thanks you for your support!

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