SNAP 2 IT is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to spay/neuter programs, pet rescue, adoptions and education. We are an all volunteer charity and entirely dependent for our sustaining funds on donations and grants. To help support our activities, we have established separate contribution funds dedicated to our various programs – each fund is separately maintained to ensure that your contribution is used for the activities you designate through your donation. Please note that for your safety and security, all SNAP online donations use PayPal. No money but want to help? See our creative alternatives and special programs at other ways to donate.

Thank you for your generous support.

SNAP Spay / Neuter Fund

Your contribution to the SNAP Spay/Neuter Fund supports our efforts to provide much needed low-cost sterilization services. Through our spay/neuter programs, your contribution also helps to save the lives of unwanted companion pets and helps to find them forever homes.

SNAP ‘Itsy Bitsy’ Operating Fund

Your contribution to the SNAP Operating Fund supports all of our programs including spay/neuter, rescue, adoption and education. Named after our founder’s beloved Doxie Itsy Bitsy, this fund supports everything from transport/fuel costs, utilities like phone and web hosting, additional food and medicines, and vet bills – together these cost SNAP more than $3000 every month.

SNAP Sterile Feral Fund

Your contribution to the SNAP Sterile Feral Fund supports our efforts to mange local feral cat populations. Feral cats are domestic cats born in the wild or abandoned when young, and so have had little contact and socialization with people. These cats are frequently trapped and taken to local animal control groups where they are often euthanized simply for being feral. SNAP’s work to spay/neuter these populations makes it more likely these cats will not be remitted to animal control and can live their lives in peace.

SNAP ‘PAL’ Canine Spay Fund

Your contribution to the SNAP ‘PAL’ Canine Spay Fund supports our efforts to find, spay and rescue local female dogs and their puppies. Dogs like Jade, whom you can see here, survived starvation and neglect and was able to fully recover, including the adoption of her puppies. The Prevent a Litter, or ‘PAL’ Fund pays for spay services and helps find pets like Jade and her puppies forever homes.

SNAP ‘DADD’ Canine Neuter Fund

The SNAP ‘DADD’ Canine Neuter Fund is the companion to the SNAP ‘PAL’ Canine Spay Fund, but funds our efforts to find, neuter and rescue local male dogs. Short for Dog Aficionado’s of Daddy Dogs, SNAP’s DADD program has helped hundreds of dogs recover from starvation and neglect, prevented many more litters of unwanted dogs, and helped many male companion dogs to find forever homes.

SNAP ‘LB’ Extra Care Fund

Your contribution to the SNAP ‘Lover Boy’ Extra Care Fund, named after a SNAP favorite Calico, supports our efforts to provide advanced healthcare to pets who need surgery, expensive medicines, or other extraordinary medical care. These measures are often expensive, and unfortunately SNAP sees these hardship cases nearly every day. Your donation to the LB Extra Care Fund ensures that SNAP is able to help those who cannot afford expensive veterinary bills and to help local companion pets the chance to recover their full health.

SNAP Monthly Supporting Member

Your pledge of a recurring monthly contribution to the SNAP operating fund ensures that we are able to plan for future spay/neuter and rescue/adoption programs, and to consistently provide help to local companion animals and feral populations as new situations arise. Reliable funding allows us to budget, plan and provide a higher level of service for local individuals and all the neglected, abandoned and at-risk animals in the Atlanta area.

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